Why Choose Pax Mondial?

In all of its work, Pax Mondial provides adaptive and comprehensive operational support to its partners and clients, enabling them to expand capacity and operate effectively in high-risk environments and emerging markets. We recognize that the challenges we and our partners face are constantly evolving, and we therefore adapt our approaches to those ever-changing circumstances.

All of Pax Mondial’s services are delivered utilizing a culturally-sensitive, socially responsible, impact-driven methodology focused on results-based solutions.

Since our establishment, we have evolved into a rapidly growing company that increasingly supports the broader stabilization, reconstruction, and development process. Our services now revolve around eight core offerings: Stabilization & Development, Mine Action, Construction & Life Support Services, Risk Management, Information Operations, Conflict Mitigation, and Specialist Training & Capacity Building.

Our Values

Pax Mondial adheres to the highest standards of moral, ethical and socially responsible behavior. Our intelligent and robust solutions take into account not only client objectives, but also the broader environment, indigenous culture, and country-specific circumstances in the places we operate.

Our commitment is to deliver professional services while maintaining our corporate core values and culturally sensitive approach. All Pax Mondial employees and subcontractors are required to adhere to our code of conduct and are trained accordingly before deployment.

Our values rest on the following foundations:

  • Adherence to the voluntary principles on security and human rights

  • Adherence to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Adherence to the voluntary International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers

  • Adherence to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers and the principles and obligations set forth in the Montreux Document (of 17 September 2008)

  • Adherence to PSC.1 certification standards

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and investment

  • Transparency and accountability, including financial and contractual compliance

  • Adherence to local laws and national sovereignty

  • Government consultation and cooperation

  • Tribal, religious and cultural awareness and respect

  • Environmental protection

  • Health and Safety at work

  • Professional excellence

  • Confidentiality

To report any grievances, issues, or concerns, please contact us at: grievances@paxmondial.com.

Our Memberships and Partnerships

Pax Mondial strongly believes in the power of collaborative endeavors, and is proud of the network of strong local partnerships we have established in each of the countries and sectors in which we work.

Pax Mondial is a founding signatory to the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) for Private Security Service Providers. The ICoCA is a multi-stakeholder initiative uniting private security service providers, states, and civil society organizations, which promotes the responsible provision of private security services and respect for human rights and national and international law by exercising independent governance and oversight of the ICoC.