and Development

Pax Mondial is a global provider of Risk Management, Logistics, Housing, Life Support and Transportation services provider primarily for USAID Implementing Partners and other Aid Organizations. We focus on providing our customers with professional and reliable services in diverse and difficult environments.  We take a “Turn-Key” approach to providing our client all the services they need from one source so that they can concentrate on their mission.


With our core service offerings and breadth of expertise, Pax Mondial is uniquely positioned to bridge the continuum from emergency response in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or conflict to longer-term sustainable development.  Our multi-faceted capacities allow us to take a quick and seamless approach to this transition, adhering to a wholistic philosophy in which we use all of the tools at our disposal to address challenges in a coordinated manner.

Through our Stabilization capacity, we can help host countries and donors identify and take steps to mitigate sources of conflict that might otherwise complicate or derail recovery. And through our Development capacity, we can help those countries and donors launch immediate long-term development activities to help accelerate the transition from relief to recovery.