Conflict is inevitable, especially when working in complex environments. Yet with proper mitigation measures, conflict can be channeled in positive and constructive ways to prevent violence and decrease deep-rooted tensions.

Pax Mondial’s Conflict Mitigation Division helps local communities and outside operators navigate conflict challenges using mediation, dialogue, and stakeholder analysis and engagement, tackling issues as multi-faceted as combatant reintegration or local opposition to international projects.

We offer sophisticated, up-to-date training and consulting services that are certain to help you manage and decrease conflict both within your organization and throughout your interactions with surrounding actors and communities. Our goal is to help you anticipate, confront, and resolve the conflict you will naturally encounter as well as prevent or diminish unnecessary friction.

Our services are relevant for any stage of a crisis:


Cultural awareness and a deep understanding of local nuance and political and economic context are also keys to ensuring effective and safe overseas operations. The Conflict Mitigation Division trains and advises on everything from negotiation strategy to understanding Islam to building local buy-in for your projects. At any stage of a conflict or crisis – be it before, during or after – our prevention, mitigation, and reconciliation strategies are relevant and tailor-made to successfully manage whatever situation you are facing.