Construction &

Life Support Services

Pax Mondial provides a comprehensive suite of support services for clients requiring the installation of camp facilities in remote sites, disaster zones, and post-conflict theaters.​


Pax Mondial has an outstanding reputation in the delivery of these services, with a proven track record of completing cost-effective and best-in-class work.

​Pax Mondial’s pre-fabricated units can be deployed flat-packed for installation anywhere in the world.

Pax Mondial provides comprehensive and integrated solutions to our clients that incorporate the following additional services as required:


  • Facility Maintenance

  • Turn-Key Life Support Services

  • Generator and Power Provision and Maintenance

  • Project Management and Oversight

  • Procurement and Logistics

  • Transport of Personnel by Air and Road

  • Facility Upgrades including Electricity, Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing

  • Medical Operations

  • Camp Janitorial Services