PAX Mondial

Emergency Response

With our teams of pre-selected on-call specialists, Pax Mondial can respond to a full spectrum of emergency situations, deploying individual experts or fully-supported response teams on short notice to assist our clients. Our response capability is active 24/7 and supported by a central operations center in Washington D.C. We offer:

  • Crisis Management, including immediate disaster response, assessment, intervention, oversight and stabilization as well as expert leadership for effective command and control.
  • Communications & Tracking, including emergency and redundant communications and client tracking through satellite and GSM networks.
  • Emergency Medical Response, including medical consultancy, deployable medical first responders, evacuation planning, and medical clinics and equipment.
  • Training & Post Incident Care, including expert trainers to help develop skills needed in emergency situations as well as counseling and post-trauma support with licensed psychologists.
  • Construction & Life Support Services, including the design, building, operation and maintenance of camp facilities in remote sites in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or conflict.
  • Risk Management, including implementation of operations protocols and close protection services to ensure safety of client personnel and assets.
  • Life Support, including secure “turn key” accommodations and offices, facility management and maintenance, procurement and delivery of equipment, and medical support and response.