PAX Mondial

Stabilization to Development Interventions

Pax Mondial is committed to accelerating the transition from stabilization to development. Toward that end, our emergency response efforts are designed with an eye toward shifting rapidly from emergency response to the provision of sustainable development interventions as soon as circumstances permit. The depth and breadth of our corporate capabilities allow us to provide a wide range of development expertise in the following areas:

  • Transitional and Permanent Housing: Pax Mondial can deliver, install, and maintain transitional and other forms of temporary shelter as well as design and construct permanent housing.
  • Support for Restoration of Basic Social Services: Pax Mondial can quickly mobilize pre-selected teams of experts with extensive hands-on experience to help re-establish basic services such as health care and education as countries begin to emerge from the effects of a disaster or conflict. These experts can then quickly transition to work with host governments to provide training and technical advice as those governments seek to rebuild and reform their health and educational systems.
  • Election Support: Pax Mondial has a unique capacity to provide both operational support and conflict mitigation services for international elections. Our specialists serve as trusted brokers for key electoral stakeholders, and coordinate resources and activities, such as voter registration, under an agreed-upon security framework. Our approach rests on a deep understanding of the political, economic and social landscape of the host country. We serve as an effective liaison between host institutions, such as national law enforcement agencies, and external international actors. We provide:
    • Conflict Analysis and Security Assessments
    • Liaison and Operations Management
    • Mobile and Static Protection Teams for Elections Staff, International Stakeholders, and Elections Infrastructure
    • Stakeholder Liaison
    • Fully-Equipped Election Coordination or Operations Centers
    • Country-Wide Communications Networks and Infrastructure
    • Satellite Tracking and Emergency Communications
    • Media, PR and Public Outreach Planning
    • Recruitment of Local National Electoral Teams and Managers
    • Health, Safety, and Medical Training for All Electoral Actors
    • Dispute Resolution Services and Training
  • Human Capacity Development: Through its extensive network of experts, Pax Mondial is able to provide vocational, technical, and other specialized training both on-site and/or at its dedicated facilities in Washington D.C.; Nairobi, Kenya; and Peja, Kosovo.
  • Conflict Management and Mitigation: Pax Mondial supports individual and societal efforts to reconcile communities in the aftermath of traumatic conflict, offering mediation services and conflict resolution training and programming to rebuild trust and help tackle lingering challenges.