PAX Mondial

Resilient Leaders Training

Through our partnership with Sunray7, Pax Mondial offers leadership training focused on building Resilience – the ability to lead in times of change, uncertainty and crisis. We offer leading-edge development programs for clients at an individual, team and organizational level.

We believe that there is a direct link between Resilience and how well organizations survive in demanding situations. Business and organizational outcomes are determined most of all by how people respond to difficult and sometimes unexpected challenges.

We also believe Resilience is at the heart of leadership, and define it as:

“Having confidence in who you are and what you do, so that you create, build and take opportunities; ‘bouncing back,’ knowing you will find a way through uncertainty, change and even crisis.”

Motivated in the 1990s by the paralyzing effect the London bombings had on the people involved, Sunray7 began to develop their work on Resilience. They aimed to provide leaders with the confidence to handle uncertain and sometimes highly stressful environments and to bring their teams productively through the most challenging of situations. With a focus on the “human element” that contributed to successful recovery, Sunray7 related their research and consultancy not just to disaster scenarios but also to the day-to-day challenges we all face in business.

Experiences were gathered from those in the armed and special forces, education, psychology and business. The understanding they gained clarified what it took to be Resilient and subsequently how to build this capability in individuals. All of Sunray7’s leadership training, consultancy and coaching support focus on helping clients do the following:

  • Innovate and increase their ability to adapt and grow,
  • Create and implement change and development that is critical for success, and
  • Raise motivation, energy and confidence so that people become and remain effective even in tough times.

The Resilient Leader’s Assessment (RLA) In 2010 Sunray7 developed the Resilient Leader’s Assessment tool. The RLA encapsulates 15 years of leadership development experience and enables leaders to not only set goals leading to tangible outcomes, but also to understand how developing their Resilience contributes to the achievement of bigger and better results.

Our aim is for leaders to develop the confidence needed to make sound decisions under pressure and stress. To do this, leaders must have clear insight into their strengths, weakness and areas of greatest potential. The RLA enables this by providing a way of tracking individual and organizational progress

RLA is only offered by Sunray7 or through an RLA Accredited Company.

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