PAX Mondial

Police Training

Pax Mondial offers the full spectrum of Police and Security Sector Training and Services, including police and local national security recruitment and vetting, audits and assessments, and critical incident planning and testing in addition to capacity building for officers themselves.

Our capacity building capability is designed to meet the complex challenges facing any modern police or security service. Our specialist trainers are former Police officers or Security providers, and can deploy anywhere to advise and train our clients from national governments and international institutions.

Building ethical, skilled and professional local and/or national Police and Security services which respect human rights is central to the Pax Mondial philosophy. Our training can be targeted to all levels, including senior management, and our curriculum is tailored to specific requirements but can include topics such as:

  • Tactical Communications
  • Citizen Rights and Democratic Policing
  • Ethical Interrogation and Interviewing
  • Crowd Management
  • Surveillance
  • Intelligence Management
  • Security Training
  • Preventing Miscarriages of Justice
  • Improving Local Law Enforcement’s Public Image
  • Conflict Management
  • Crisis Negotiation
  • Basic Investigation Techniques
  • Report Writing
  • Crime Scene Protection
  • Human Rights and Cultural Awareness
  • Health and Safety
  • Medical and First-Aid