PAX Mondial

Conflict Mitigation & Cultural Awareness Training

Conflict Resolution Theory and Strategies

This training course covers the sources of conflict, how different people deal differently with conflict, and the existing theories of how to effectively resolve conflict. Participants will learn extensive conflict management strategies and dispute resolution techniques and come away from the course with improved listening abilities and a deeper understanding of why conflict happens. Topics covered include techniques for resolving disputes, how to deal with impasse, and strategic planning for conflict prevention.

Negotiation: How to Get What You Want Without Burning Bridges

This training course teaches participants real-life negotiation skills and provides opportunities to practice those skills in interactive exercises. Participants will learn effective negotiation and persuasion techniques, the ability to look at old problems in new ways, collaborative problem-solving methods, and tools to conduct analyses of the conflict environment and stakeholder concerns. Topics also include negotiating “away from” and “at” the table, the role of emotions in negotiation, and how to deal with spoilers.

Mediation and Third-Party Facilitation

The use of third-party facilitators in entrenched conflicts can help decrease tensions and spark new solutions. This course covers the basic principles of mediation and teaches participants practical skills that will help them encourage dialogue and facilitate problem-solving within their own organizations and the communities where they are operating.

Cultural Awareness

A deep understanding of the socio-cultural environment you will encounter overseas is crucial for operational success, and Pax Mondial can serve as your cultural broker and guide. The Conflict Mitigation Division offers training courses on a variety of different cultures, providing interactive exercises and opportunities to discuss and analyze cultural challenges.

Understanding Islam

This training course covers the religious and cultural realities of Muslim societies from North Africa to the Middle East to Indonesia, providing up-to-date information crucial for easing cultural tensions. Participants will obtain knowledge of cultural norms in Muslim societies and an understanding of the basic tenets of Islam, including the differences between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, the five pillars of Islam, and other central beliefs. Additional topics include gender issues, al-Qaeda and other Salafi Jihadist groups, and basic Arabic phrases to improve relations with Muslim counterparts.

Personalized Trainings for Your Organization’s Needs

Pax Mondial also offers custom-made trainings created and adapted to fit clients’ specific needs. This includes regional and country-specific briefings to provide in-depth historical, political, religious, economic and cultural context on the region and countries where participants are heading to work. Additional courses include conflict skills for operating in hostile environments as well as case studies on conflict mitigation challenges

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