PAX Mondial

Specialist Training & Capacity Building

Our clients operate in some of the most challenging places in the world. Our Specialist Training & Capacity Building Division equips them with the technical skills and resilience necessary to succeed in environments of change, uncertainty and crisis.

All of our courses emphasize awareness – awareness of self, awareness of others, and, particularly important in high-risk settings, awareness of one’s environment. The goal is for the individuals, teams, and organizations that receive our training to come out more competent, confident and consistent when facing difficult situations.

Our instructors have advanced technical skills as well as expansive experiences from the field, enabling them to provide top-notch instruction and offer insights to help course participants improve their decision-making skills and sharpen their performance.

We offer Specialist Training in the following areas and in conjunction with our various business divisions:

Many of our training packages combine the specialty areas above for comprehensive instruction.

We also offer Capacity Building for police and security forces, and dispute resolution services for countries looking to strengthen their ADR networks.