PAX Mondial

Embedded Risk Managers & Consultants

Our embedded risk managers and consultants can fulfill all of your in-house risk management needs. They design complex security audits and implement corporate travel policies, and can advise your senior management at headquarters or be deployed to remote or hostile locations for proactive planning or staff evacuation in the event of a crisis or natural disaster. As security concerns should be addressed early on and throughout all projects in high-risk countries, our risk managers can closely monitor and provide advice on the security dimension at all stages of the project cycle.

Familiarization with the client’s operations and ethos makes the embedded risk manager an especially invaluable asset. And because these managers remain part of the Pax Mondial corporate structure, they can readily access our international network for advice and support.

Our Pax Mondial representative has exceeded our expectations. He is providing not only tactical but also strategic support that is tailored to our organization and helping us mitigate risks and operate safely. Bottom line – Pax Mondial is adding value to both our U.S. and International staff located in 35 countries.
Steve Bylow, Human Resources Director, Winrock International