PAX Mondial

Crisis Management & Contingency Planning

Our Risk Management professionals are highly experienced in designing Crisis Management Plans (CMPs) for institutions both large and small. We create and coordinate crisis management teams, both at a corporate and field level, to help manage traumatic incidents – such as political and social upheaval, terrorist attacks, war, criminal activities, kidnappings, disease outbreaks, and natural disasters – which affect operations and threaten the lives and well-being of staff.

During a crisis and throughout its aftermath, we provide constant advice and guidance for mitigating threats and risks, allowing your organization to successfully manage the emergency incident to its conclusion. A clearly defined crisis response process is critical to protecting lives as well as corporate interests, and can avoid the lost time and confusion that arises when there are no defined crisis procedures.

Additionally, we offer tabletop exercises, scenario testing and contingency planning to make sure your organization is ready for a variety of harmful and/or disruptive events.