PAX Mondial

Audits, Surveys & Reviews

Pax Mondial’s risk management capabilities and services encompass all levels of security and safety planning as well as duty-of-care provisions, from designing comprehensive security and safety structures for large multinationals to conducting simple residential security surveys for NGOs operating in potentially hostile environments.

Security Audits entail preliminary, thorough assessments of a client’s entire existing security and safety processes and procedures. All aspects of the client’s duty-of-care provisions are examined for vulnerabilities and evaluated for effectiveness, and mitigation strategies always recommended. Areas of review include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical and IT security
  • Communications systems and protocols
  • Health and medical provisions
  • Business and personal resilience planning
  • Travel policies and planning
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for staff and operations
  • Insurance streamlining and integration with medical and security response
  • Crisis management and response planning and capabilities
  • Training programs

Security surveys involve in-depth security and safety assessments of a client’s work site(s) and accommodations. The exact nature of the survey will vary depending on the client’s needs, but our experts have significant training and experience to conduct surveys on a variety of establishments and facilities, including:

  • Complete threat assessments and physical security and safety surveys of offices, accommodations, and operating procedures; and
  • Surveys of villa space and facility management.

Security reviews are periodical reviews of existing security procedures and structures, in order to ensure that plans, protocols, and provisions are up to date. In higher-risk environments, security reviews are essential for ensuring the long-term viability of a client’s operations. Constant review and upgrading is essential in today’s dynamic risk environment, where criminal and terrorist intent adapts and changes very quickly.

To assist our clients in making informed and balanced decisions, our risk management services include accurate and concise reporting supported by photography, mapping, technical drawings, and cost options for recommended security improvements.