PAX Mondial

Risk & Threat Consultancy

The Information Operations Division supports Pax Mondial’s wide-ranging risk and threat consultancy capabilities. The premise of our services is:

Information & Analysis = Awareness, Preparedness, & Safety.

Along with our training and advisory services, we provide information-led, risk avoidance-based solutions at the strategic and corporate levels. This in turn complements and feeds into the services of the Risk Management Division at the operational and tactical levels.

We specialize in helping clients fulfill their duty-of-care provisions, prepare for potential crises and emergencies, and manage and develop their information operation needs.


Our robust suite of services includes:

Crisis Management & Response Coordination (Home Office/Corporate level)

Through strategic planning and support from the ground-up or to complement and upgrade current procedures, we structure, train, and test Crisis Management Teams (CMTs) as well as build and refine corporate Crisis Response Plans (CRPs). We then integrate with operational and tactical emergency planning and coordinate with travelers and field personnel. Through the provision of information and analysis, we provide CMTs the ability to predict and prepare for crises, and we support clients during unanticipated emergencies, helping them maintain their reputation while at the same time looking after their staff, establishments, and operations.

Emergency Planning

In coordination with Pax Mondial’s Risk Management Division, our emergency planning consultants help assess our client’s risk environment and build a robust security and safety framework from start to finish. We focus on providing decision-makers with the in-depth, contextual, and actionable information and analysis they need to handle issues as they arise, and also provide test scenarios to prepare for challenging situations.

Decision Audits

The Information Operations Division offers decision auditing services for organizations just beginning the process of establishing security and safety procedures, seeking to check and update existing measures and facilities, or wishing to examine a previous real-life situation and decision-making process. This service entails a comprehensive design or breakdown of the client’s decision-making process when faced with a challenge, emergency, or crisis. We provide tailored assessments anywhere in the world, with concrete and thorough recommendations, and also help organizations implement or enhance new guidelines.

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