PAX Mondial

Embedded Analysts

We embed risk and information analysts with clients at the local (implementation) level and/or the headquarters (management) level. This reduces the standard recruitment and administrative burdens on a client, and comes with the complete backing of Pax Mondial’s extensive international capabilities and networks. Our embedded staffing solutions are a cost-effective, flexible means of gaining the necessary capabilities of fulfilling duty-of-care commitments for staff, without the typical cost and management constraints.

Our embedded analysts are highly trained, experienced, and deployable. Many have force protection backgrounds and can provide the invaluable training and reporting necessary to ensure that expats and travelers are informed and aware, thereby significantly reducing risks and vulnerabilities.

Embedded analysts prioritize the various threats to clients, establishments, and equipment, and provide tailored, specific recommendations based on their unique knowledge of a client’s procedures and aims. They provide detailed threat and vulnerability reports on facilities and personnel, including infrastructure, hotels, and staff. Additionally, these analysts can produce special-to-task reports as required, whether a client is considering a new area of business or faces an increased risk/threat profile in an identified or unfamiliar operational environment.

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