PAX Mondial

Case Studies


In November 2005, shortly after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement ending 21 years of civil war between North and South Sudan, Pax Mondial won a tender issued by the Government of Southern Sudan for a 300-men Turn-Key Camp.

The camp was to host offices and accommodation for government officials together with their primary consultant (Gibb Africa) while they worked to design the Master Plan for Southern Sudan. Pax Mondial had six months from date of award to design and erect the camp.


Based on the client’s preliminary layout drawings and a site visit by the project manager, Pax Mondial’s technical department designed all aspects of the camp, including prefabricated units housing more than 300 persons, sewage and water systems, an electrical reticulation system and power supply, plus a treatment plant for sewage outlets.

Once the design was approved by the client, Pax Mondial appointed a team of four expatriates to supervise all the works. One hundred and twenty ISO containers were shipped with building materials and furniture from the United Arab Emirates via Mombasa and trucked to Juba.

Concurrently, the initial site preparations were carried out by a subcontracted local civil works contractor following an initial security risk threat assessment and landmine/ERW clearing operation.

At its peak, the project employed more than 120 local Sudanese. Pax Mondial takes pride in the fact that the majority of the local employees were trained as electricians, plumbers and carpenters throughout this project, resulting in significant capacity building for the local community. The project was carried out to the client’s full satisfaction, and stayed within budget as well as the stipulated time frame.


Pax Mondial was awarded a contract in Afghanistan to provide business-enabling operational capability for a U.S. company providing construction and engineering services in Kabul, Kandahar, and Masar-i-Sharif.


As part of its comprehensive risk management, training and logistics package, Pax Mondial successfully provided secure turn-key life support to the client, including accommodations and office space in Kabul and subsequently Masar-i-Sharif and Kandahar.

The provisions for life support included the following:

  • House/Villa Complex in an accessible location for the required number of permanent and transient staff
  • En-suite rooms for 25 personnel in Kabul and 10 in each regional location
  • Perimeter wall, main access gate and around-the-clock static security guards
  • Discrete security infrastructure including security gate, visibility screens, internal blast protection, mylar glass covering, safe room and alternative exit route
  • Off-road parking
  • Generator and back-up electricity supply
  • Generator and general systems maintenance
  • Full furnishings to Western standards
  • Television, DVD and recreation facilities
  • Broadband Internet
  • Facility maintenance including water, sewage, electricity, air-conditioning and heating
  • Recruitment, vetting and screening of local national residence and cleaning staff
  • Fully-equipped kitchen, plus chef and catering staff providing high-quality meals
  • Office space for 35 staff in Kabul and 20 in each regional location
  • Office supplies and equipment including printers, scanners, and photocopiers
  • Fully-equipped operations center and communications network
  • Secure weapon storage

The project was finished ahead of schedule, with overall project profitability greater than expected due to early completion bonuses, lack of security incidents and low turnover of staff. The construction contract had positive buy-in from the local communities, and contributed to stabilization and economic development in the country.