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Ad Hoc Services

Pax Mondial MRMC’s Country Management Team (CMT) is uniquely positioned to provide a deeper level of support and a seamless security service that can be tailored to your specific requirements. The CMT has armed mobile security teams with a dedicated twenty-four hour watch keeper that monitors our secure tracking platform as tasks are being undertaken. We also have a movement coordinator that reviews and administers our journey management plans for each day’s missions. The CMT provides a risk management service that constantly monitors and updates the security situation here in Kabul, as well as throughout the provinces and the region. These capabilities are a few out of many that make Pax Mondial MRMC’s security services seamless and make us standout from our competitors.

Security Services in General 

Pax Mondial MRMC is a global security provider that understands corporate business measured with an equal desire to promote a competitive, efficient, and trusted service. We focus on providing our customers with a professional and reliable security service in diverse and difficult environments. We offer a full range of CP, MST, logistics, secure accommodation, and support solutions that can be priced as a lasting contract or on an Ad Hoc basis.

JMP (Journey Management Plan) – Kabul & Afghanistan

We use JMPs for all of our movements and have a system in place for requesting, planning, creating, confirming, executing, and monitoring each task. Our vehicles are also equipped with tracking systems that are monitored by our operations room. This ability to always keep track of our teams on the ground is key in monitoring and managing the movements of our clients.

Airport Assistance

We provide an airport meet-and-greet along with secure transport to your destination as one of our many Ad Hoc services.  These conveyances can be tailored to your specific budget and requirements to include a variety of options such as: VVIP collection from the aircraft upon landing, Immigration assistance and luggage collection, expedited PU and DO procedures and standard collection from Kabul International Airport in a choice of B6 Armored or Soft Skin Vehicles.


Pax Mondial MRMC has a fleet of USAID vetted and approved, comfortable B6 armored vehicles as well as soft skins in both standard and 4X4 models. All our vehicles have the necessary licensing / badging to gain access throughout the city and governmental installations as well as military bases.

Close Protection/Bodyguard Solutions

We have several options available depending on the desired security profile, number of clients, and the locations to be visited, including travel within the more remote areas of the Region. We can have a conversation about what kind of movements will be required and recommend an optimal Mobile Security Team (MST).

Emergency Assistance/QRF

Our armed QRF overseen by the CMT is available at all times and can be dispatched should there be an emergency or need for assistance.

Secure Accommodation

We recommend using the Zohak Village for the secure accommodations of your staff. It is located next to Kabul International Airport and North KIA Military Air base, making it one of the safer areas to set up your base of operations during your stay in Kabul. As a new Life Support and Accommodation (LSA) facility within Kabul, it offers very competitive rates and is low profile with excellent meals, MWR, gym, helpful staff, and comfortable rooms. Furthermore, our CMT is co-located within the same compound and will provide complete oversight of your country wide operations 24/7/365. Zohak Village has been cleared by the U.S. Department of State (DOS), U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. We provide the Explosive Detection Dog Team (EDDT) at the access-controlled entry point and internal security to this compound. Pax Mondial MRMC also frequently utilizes the extensive training facilities. This is the only compound in the vicinity that possesses helicopter landing capability, potentially increasing the efficiency of emergency and contingency operations and responses.  Pax Mondial understands the importance of client safety and comfort, therefore strongly recommend Zohak Village as the solution, which also boasts plenty of office space, laydown yard, and other support functions if at a future date you require a more permanent presence.

Range of Services

We have a wide range of services from providing site security managers and teams for running complete security/risk management programs to logistical support and mobile security teams that can be contracted by the days needed. We are well established throughout Afghanistan and are capable and interested in assisting with all of your security and logistical requirements.




What Our Clients Have to Say:

“Your team and you have shown and proven that you are consumate professional. I have seen first hand your conscientious, detail oriented and pro-active approach to keeping your clients safe and comfortable.



For more information about our Ad Hoc services, or to request our services, please email Jake Addison at