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May 2018: Pax Mondial Wins Subcontract on Counter-Narcotics and Global Terrorism (CN&GT)

No additional details provided due to the nature of the program.

Apr 2018: Global Mondial Logistics Explosive Detection Dog Team Contracted to Zohak Village and Business Park

In April 2018, Global Mondial Logistics (GML) began providing Explosive Detection Dog Team (EDDT) at Zohak Village and Business Park at their main ECP. The EDDT also are delivering regular checks of the living grounds. The General Manager for Zohak Village said: “I am very pleased with the way the EDDT have conducted themselves and […]

Feb 2018: Afghan Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Awards Contract to MRMC for Security Assessments and Security Plans

Letter of Recommendation from a Senior Official “I am happy to confirm that in February 2018, [Afghan Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)] awarded Mondial Risk Management Company a contract to provide a full risk assessment of our offices, followed by a complete and comprehensive security plan; both to be provided within 30 days. This project involved complicated […]

Oct 2017: Win Scheel Joins Pax Mondial

Win Scheel was appointed CEO of Pax Mondial on 15 Oct 2017 in a restructure of ownership. Paul Wood, founder of Pax Mondial and its subsidiaries will focus on Business Development and Board Chairman. Paul said, “I can shape the future of Pax Mondial from the top down as the Chairman of the Board and […]

Nov 2016: Tauqeer Khalid Joins Pax Mondial

Tauqeer Khalid was appointed COO/CFO of Pax Mondial in November 2016 in a effort to streamline the operational and financial aspect of Pax Mondial and its subsidiaries domestically and international in ever changing business environments. Mr. Khalid has worked for multiple multi-millions dollars organizations and managed the operations and finances of businesses for projects ranging from $13-292 million. His vast experience includes managing businesses specialized in […]