PAX Mondial

Oct 2018: Afghan Ad Hoc Business Shows 62% Growth In Gross Profit Two Months After Launch

Launched on August 26, 2018, Pax Mondial’s new Ad Hoc business offers clients turnkey security solutions, with a full range of Close Protection, Mobile Security Teams (MST), logistics, secure accommodation, and support solutions.

Pax Mondial is equipped with a new executive look represented within its fleet of Brand new 2017 B6 AVs and armed/uniformed MST. Our team has excellent professionalism, as seen by the client testimonial below. Since August, six new clients have utilized our services. For more information, please visit our Ad Hoc page.

“Your team and you have shown and proven that you are consumate professional. I have seen first hand your conscientious, detail oriented and pro-active approach to keeping your clients safe and comfortable.