PAX Mondial

Jun 2018: Pax Mondial Re-certified to Operate in Afghanistan

Pax Mondial, LLC, doing business as Mondial Risk Management Company (MRMC) in Afghanistan, has recently been re-certified to operate in Afghanistan as an Risk Management Company by all agencies in country. MRMC is 100% compliant and up to date on all licensing for Risk Management Companies (RMC), logistics, communications, weapons support for APPF, and taxes required by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA). Pax Mondial has consistently maintained requisite certifications and documentation to stay in compliance with USG and GIRoA regulations for over a decade.

Through our current and past performance, MRMC has developed strong relationships with high-ranking representatives of GIRoA and a demonstrated ability to effectively manage, mentor, and train APPF personnel in the provision of security services throughout Afghanistan. We have operated in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan and served USAID prime Implementing Partners (IPs), international non-government organizations (NGOs), and commercial contractors. Our methodology is designed to assist our clients in meeting project goals in the most efficient, safe, and low-profile manner possible.