PAX Mondial

Apr 2015: Journalist Sean Langan joins Pax Mondial for its Latest Seminar in DC

Pax Mondial is pleased to continue its International Traveler Safety Seminar series dedicated to individuals and organizations traveling and/or operating abroad. On 30th April, we hosted Sean Langan, a British journalist, documentary filmmaker, and Bafta nominee, for an intimate discussion about his experiences in Afghanistan/Pakistan and to share information the latest security and safety concerns in the region. Sean works in dangerous and volatile situations and environments noted for war, conflict, and civil unrest. He is renowned for his work from Afghanistan where he made the award winning films ‘Fighting the Taliban’ and ‘Meeting the Taliban’ in 2007. In March 2008, while working on a film for the UK’s Channel 4, Sean was kidnapped in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region by the Haqqani network, after trying to make contact with Al-Qaeda’s second in command. He was freed three months later (on 21st June, 2008) after his family negotiated for his release. The seminar was well attended and Pax Mondial looks forward to hosting more events in the future. For more information, please contact: