PAX Mondial

Apr 2014: Successful renewal of Pax Mondial’s AISA and RMC licenses in Afghanistan

Pax Mondial is proud to confirm the renewal of its AISA business license and Risk Management Company (RMC) operating license in Afghanistan for 2014/2015. The Mondial Risk Management Company (MRMC), a branch office of Pax Mondial LLC, was incorporated in Afghanistan in February 2012 with the sole purpose of servicing the risk management services market created by the dissolution of Private Security Companies (PSCs) under the terms of Presidential Decree 62. MRMC is an experienced provider of risk management services to clients funded by the US, UK, Afghan, and Australian governments, as well as private sector and civil society organizations. MRMC is currently supporting several contracts throughout Afghanistan, and has trained and mentored hundreds of members of the Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF) in recent years. For more information about our capabilities in Afghanistan, please contact: